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Tissue confetti products are specially treated to be flameproof. They are also biodegradable and colourfast. Very nice effect for all special occasions, wedding,  birthday party, events, celebration, themed parties, more than 20 different colours are available. Heart, circle, star, butterfly, flower, bull and more shapes are available, differents sizes as well. All made in Europe in our factory.

Tissue Confetti makes a perfect finishing touch for any celebrations. A little of our confetti goes a long way and is perfect for scattering onto party table decoration, filling balloons or throwing in the air!


  • circle tissue confetti

    Circle Tissue Paper Confetti

    It is a very nice effect for decoration, either onto table decoration for all celebrations or filling balloons for birthday, wedding, baby shower and all occasions.

    We make directly these circles here in France and make two different sizes, either 25mm or 55mm.

    We can make other sizes, feel free to send us your special enquiry. We manufacture all these tissue confetti, so we can adapt tissue confetti to your event!

  • butterfly

    Butterflies Tissue Paper Confetti

    Our Butterfly confetti shaped is very original to glam up your wedding celebration, baby shower and for all ocasions.

    You can choose among 23 different colors.

    Our butterflies tissue paper confetti are perfect for table decorations, exploding balloons or throwing in the air as very soft paper!

  • heart tissue confetti

    Heart Tissue Paper Confetti

    We manufacture these hearts confetti shapes you can use for filling balloons, table decoration or throwing in the air for your wedding celebration, St Valentine's Day and all occasions.

    You can choose between two sizes either 30mm or 55mm and among 23 different colors.

    For special enquiries, wholesale conditions, feel free to contact us!

  • bull

    Bull Head Confetti

    This original confetti shape is perfect for your western party, Spanish party and more.

    If you want to throw in the air or across your saloon, it is a great effect with a great product.

    You also can use for table decoration.

  • manual canon

    Confetti Canon

    Our manual confetti canon is perfect to give an exploding effect, throwing in the air about 5 metres long!

    Rectangular shape and soft tissue paper give a special effect as some real butterflies and you can choose color which corresponds to your wedding celebration, garden party, baby shower, birthday and all occasions!

  • Star

    Stars Confetti Shapes

    Our Stars Tissue Paper Confetti are perfect for your New Year's Day Celebration, Birthday and all occasions.

    You can choose among lots of colours!

    Perfect for  table decoration, filling balloons or simply throwing in the air!

  • Snowflakes

    Flame-Resistant Tissue Paper Snowflakes

    It is very nice effect for decoration and for throwing in the air. A real snowflake effect. You can either use for Christmas Decoration or for Winter Decoration.

    With confetti canons or fans you can easilly shoot them for a snowflake magic throw!

    Perfect for Opera, Theatre, Night Club, Pub or Restaurant, you can also decorate while Christmas shop window.

    Three sizes are available, either 2mm, 8mm or 14mm. Smaller size is for table decoration and bigger sizes are for both decoration and throw in the air.

    For wholesale quantity, feel free to contact us for further information.

    Made in France

  • Rectangle

    Rectangular 20mm x 50mm Flameproof Tissue Paper Confetti

    It is a very nice effect as butterflies while throwing in the air! You can choose among more than 20 different colours.

    Perfect for all celebrations, birthday, event, New Year's Day, Wedding, Baby Shower  and all occasions. Our tissue paper is colourfast, flame-resistant, waterproof.

    You can buy either 1kg bag or in bulk 10kg box. size is 2cm x 5cm.

    For wholesale requests, feel free to contact us

    Made in France

  • Tissue Confetti

    Tissue Paper Confetti

    Our Tissue Paper Confetti is Flameproof. Size is about 6mm and you can choose among 20 different colors.

    Used for table decoration, filling balloons or throwing in the air, this is a popular product for a very nice effect.

    Perfect for all occasions, wedding, birthday, baby shower, new year's day, it is a cheap price for a great effect!

    For wholesale quantities, feel free to contact us.

    Made in France

  • Square Tissue Paper Confetti

    Square Tissue Paper Confetti

    It is very nice effect for decoration, either onto a table decoration for all celebrations or filling balloons for birthday or wedding, baby shower and for all occasions!

    We make two different sizes as 50x50mm and 30x30mm and we make others with your special enquiry.

    For wholesale quantity or buying in bulk feel free to contact us.

    Made in France


Deco Party UK offers paper confetti in several shapes and several colours. Our party confetti are used for wedding, birthday, balloon decorations, TV shows, theatres, opera, night clubs and every occasion. These colourful tissue paper confetti are perfect to explode balloons. They are special treated to be flameproofed and coloufast and biodegradable.

Tissue Paper Confetti Colours

Our online wholesale tissue paper confetti shop and factory as we have been both offer following colors : white confetti, golden yellow, lemon yellow, orange confetti, red confetti, burgundy confetti, lilac confetti, plum confetti, navy blue confetti, light blue confetti, black, grey confetti, brown confetti, copalt blue confetti, green confetti, apple green, ivory confetti, cerise, light pink, peach confetti, purple confetti, multi-coloured confetti, mint green confetti.

Circle Paper Confetti

Circle tissue paper confetti are made in two different sizes, either 25mm diameter or 55mm diameter. But our tissue paper confetti circles can be made in other sizes, for that wholesalers and resellers just have to send us their enquiry. Our tissue paper confetti round look like dot into latex balloons.

Heart Paper Confetti

Our tissue paper confetti hearts are very famous with wedding celebration, St Valentine’s day and mother’s day celebrations. We also supply two different sizes, 30mm and 55mm. For special enquiries, we can make other sizes.

Butterfly Paper Confetti

Deco Party UK is the leader in tissue paper confetti manufacturing. We also make tissue paper confetti butterflies, in 55mm diameter.

Star Paper Confetti

Our tissue paper confetti stars are very popular to throw in the air for a party, but also for Christmas and Happy New Year’s Day. With our flame-resistant paper confetti stars, you can throw indoor without any worry.

Rectangular Paper Confetti

Rectangle tissue paper confetti are used in lot of parties, it is very nice effect when they fall down. Our standard size is 20x50mm (2x5cm) but we can make other ones as 20x10mm, 55x17mm…

Bull Paper Confetti

Do you want to organize a Spanish party? Our bull tissue confetti are perfect for a table decoration or throw in the air for an original effect.

Square Paper Confetti

We also produce tissue paper confetti squares, standard sizes are 30x30mm and 50x50mm and for special queries we can make other ones.

Tissue Confetti

We make tissue confetti in small part, very nice effect into latex balloons it looks like dots. Very nice in transparent spheres as well for table decoration.

Confetti Cannon

We make manual confetti cannon, very great product as not dangerous as no gas, so magic effect for low price and simple use. Children can also use them to shoot these rectangular confetti with your colours. Confetti throwers from 4 to 5 meters!

Tissue Paper snowflakes

We have been the only one to invent flame-retardant paper snowflakes, it falls down as a real snow as very light, three different sizes are proposed. 2mm, 8mm and 14mm. You can use as a Christmas decoration or to throw in the air as a real fall of snow. Theatres, operas, night clubs and also TV shows love these incredible item!

Tissue Paper Confetti Bulk

Deco Party UK is a French tissue paper confetti manufacturer. If you would like to buy in bulk and you have been a UK or an Irish wholesaler, reseller, retailer, feel free to contact us and we will offer you special prices. We can make your own packaging, with your own labels, special weight packs following quantity you are able to buy from us.