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High quality decorating kit, all in a pack to decorate your shop, party, event, celebration... Bunting, hand-waving flag, flagline, honeycomb garland, ball, fan, eveything in a pack, so one item to buy to have a great finish touch in your shop, room, themed parties, event, celebration... . Made in Europe in our factory.

Decoration kits


  • England

    St George Party Supplies : Deco Party UK offers a pack where you can find all decorations for St Georges Day. More than 25 items in only one pack, so very easy to buy and use. Perfect to decorate Pubs, Restaurants, Hotels, Shops and much more.

    Find in this English decoration kit England plastic bunting flags, honeycomb balls, fans and garland red and white, flame resistant, St George handwavers and red and white latex balloons.

    Top quality product at very low pricing.

  • Wales

    Dragon Party Supplies : our online shop offers top quality Welsh party decorations in a pack. Can be used for Patriotic celebration or rugby world cup party, so every occasion.

    You buy a dragon decoration kit you get more than 25 items to do your room decorating. From Welsh bunting flags, honeycomb fans, garland and balls green white red, Wales hand wavers and latex balloons all to get a wonderful decoration.

    All made in France for Deco Party UK

  • Scotland

    St Andrew Party Supplies : Deco Party UK offers a pack where you can find all St Andrew Party Decorations buy online our Scottish decoration kit to decorate your Pub, Restaurant, Shop, Hotel and much more.

    Buy our St Andrew decoration kit and you will get more than 25 items with only one reference, you will find inside the pack Scotland plastic bunting flags, honeycomb fans, balls and garland blue and white, flame retardant, bleu and white latex balloons, St Andrew handwavers.

  • United Kingdom

    Union Jack Party Supplies : Deco Party UK offers the best quality of room decorating in the UK. All items are made in France. More than 25 items are in a pack, so only one reference to get a lot of goods. Perfect to hang in Pubs, Restaurants, Hotels, Shops and much more.

    Union Jack decorating kit has got Union Jack bunting flags, red white and blue honeycomb decorations (balls, fans and garlands) United Kingdom handwavers, latex balloons blue, white and red.

    We also can make your own kit, please just send us quantity per items you would need.

    For wholesale quantity or buying in bulk feel free to contact us

  • France
  • Italy
  • USA
  • Great Britain
  • Mexican Party Decoration Kit

    Mexican Party Supplies : Deco Party Uk offers a complete Mexican themed party decoration set. More than 25 items are in the pack, very easy to use and to decorate your Pub, restaurant, hotel, shops and much more.

    Find in this Tex mex decoration pack our plastic Mexican flag bunting, Honeycomb balls, Honeycomb fans and Honeycomb garlands green white red, flame retardant, then Mexican handwavers and latex balloons.

    Top quality at very low pricing.

    Made in France