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Theme parties

Deco Party UK offers an original range of party decorations. You will find about 20 different party themes with designs created by ourselves and so you only can buy on our unique party supplies online. Do you need theme decoration ideas for any occasion? We supply our theme decoration for parties, most popular are western, Hawaiien, 70s theme party, 80s theme party, fiesta theme party supplies, casino theme party, Pirate theme party decoration, Italian theme party, music theme decoration ideas, Oriental theme party, Cuban theme party, Spanish theme party , German theme party, French theme party, Greek theme party, Hollywood theme party, medieval party decorations and of course British theme party.


High quality paper and plastic bunting, banner,...

Theme decoration


  • Mexico tex mex

    Our Gorgeous Mexican Decorations are made in France and all creation are made by Deco Party UK.

    Ideal decoration for Tex Mex Restaurants, private party and all occasions.

    Our original TexMex Decoration are bunting, hanging swirl decoration, confetti, cutouts.

  • Hawaï

    Hawaiien Party Decorations, we offer a great and original Hawai party decoration collection. Hawaiien Bunting, Aloha Cutout, Hawaiien Hanging Swirls, you will find high quality Hawaii party supplies at very cheap prices.

  • Western Party Supplies

    Best Western Theme Party - Find a great range of Western Party Supplies.

    Western Party Decorations give you banners, hanging swirl decorations, bunting, confetti, cutouts to get a wonderful Wild West party decoration. Designs with Cow-Boys, Horses, Monument Valley, Far West Freight Depot, Train, Saloon and much more are created by Deco Party UK. For professional party decorations we have supplied Western Party Decorations in Flame-retardant quality.

    Deco Party UK has supplied an original range of wild west party decorations. Do you need any country western party decoration ideas? We created special designs by ourselves to get a wonderful cowboy theme party decoration. For a magic room decorating, buy online our cowboy banner, American flag bunting, American hand held flags, American flag confetti, American small flags, Far West hanging swirls, honeycomb Western Party Decorations, western cardboard cutout, outdoor flags pennant banners unicolored, bicolored and tricolored.

  • flamenco

    Flamenco is a Spanish dance, based on the various flokloric music traditions of southern Spain. Deco Party UK created for that a flamenco dancer with traditional dress with typical flamenco and Andalousian colours. Spansh party decoration will complete this original range of party supplies which will give special athmosphere for special occasion

  • disco

    Disco Party Decorations

    Great and original party decorations for 70s night parties. All designs are made by our party studio here in France and all items and made in France as well for a French touch while your event.

    You can choose among bunting, cutouts, foil hanging swirls, confetti and so you can use to decorate your home, your table or your garden. Pubs and restaurants also use these decorations for New Year's Day decorations as you can easilly combine with music, disco, New Year's Day and baby shower.

    For wholesale conditions, feel free to contact us

  • casino

    Las Vegas Casino Party Decoration :

    Deco Party UK offers a great range of Las Vegas Party supplies, especially room decorations. Vegas PArty give you banners, cutout, confetti, to get a wonderful and original table decoration, room decorating.

    We offer some Las Vegas bunting in flame-resistant quality to decorate professional as Pubs, Restaurants, Night clubs, Bars and much more!

  • Pirate

    Pirate Theme Party :

    Deco Party UK offers a nice range of pirate party supplies, especially room decorating and table decorating. You can decorate your table with our pirate confetti, hang from the wall or for your garden party our original pirate bunting and banners and use our pirate cocktail flags with your sandwiches. You would like to do a Caribbean Pirate Party buy our great Caribbean Pirate Party Decorations. All for kids birthday, baby shower and every occasion.

    We have made pirate bunting in flame-resistant paper to decorate Pubs, restaurants, night clubs, hotels and much more!

  • cinema

    Deco Party UK offers original Hollywood Party Supplies, mainly home décor. For lunch buy online our Very Important Party (VIP) cocktail flag sticks, for table decoration our circle confetti VIP. You can decorate with our top quality hollywood bunting flags, flame retardant or to hang from the ceiling or to the wall our clap cutout at very low pricing. You also can find black stars hanging swirls pack of 6 or our cravate VIP in card material. Finally to indicate where is your party you indicate with our Hollywood arrow sign to hang to cross roads.

  • Beerfest
  • oriental

    Do you need any Oriental Party Decorations Ideas ? Buy online our Egypt Party Decorations, Israel Flag
    Bunting, Indian Party Decorations for sale, Taj Mahal Party Decorations or oriental elephant room decor
    ideas as our cut outs, banners with original designs and flame-retardant paper quality to decorate
    restaurants, Pubs, night clubs, bars, private party and for every occasion. Deco Party UK offers the best
    quality and choice in the UK and in Ireland market.

  • music

    Deco Party UK offers nice Music and Festival Party Supplies. Our range of music party decorations is made in France. You can buy online table decorations with our original music notes confetti, vinyl confetti and disco ball confetti, printed both sides. Buy online our flame retardant paper bunting flags, festival or jazz designs rectangle flags shape. Wave our saxophone and music notes paper hand held flags, hang or stick our vinyl or trumpet cutouts and our stars hanging swirls. You also can hang our vinyl or disco ball hanging swirls.

  • wine festival

    Wine Shop and Wine Festival Party Supplies and Decorations. If you want to decorate while a promotional day your wine shop buy online our grapes bunting flags to give colours to your party. Deco Party UK also offers outdoor wine festival decoration, for that look at our plastic grapes banner flags. If you want to promote Champagne, red wines, white wines, rosé wines from France, USA, Italy and nations from all over the world our grapes flaglines will be top quality decorations!

  • Great Britain

    United Jack Party Supplies. Do you want to buy wonderful Patriotic Party Decorations? Our British Party Decoration are top quality, the best in the UK! Deco Party UK offers Union Jack plastic bunting flags, rectangular or triangular pennant banners, for indoor or outdoor use. You can find our Union Jack Cocktail Sticks, Union Jack flag confetti for table decorations, Union Jack decoration kit with more than 15 items inside, United Kingdom Hanging Swirls, red white blue pennant bunting flags, London flagline with flame retardant quality. Don't forget our Union Jack Honeycomb decorations, red white blue balls, fans and garlands.

  • German

    Great Value German party decorations :

    Deco Party UK offers popular German party decoration for every occasion. You can find German flag bunting, German cocktail picks, German handwavers, German flag confetti, honeycomb garland black red yellow, confetti canon.

    Find Beerfest banner as well to complete original range of party decorations.

  • French

    French Party Supplies. French National Fest is 14th July. Buy online our French cocktail sticks, French plastic flag bunting, rectangular flags or triangular pennant flags, France flag hanging swirls, table confetti with French Flag circle shape, printed both sides, French handwavers and red white blue Honaycomb decoration special treated to be flameproofed. Wine is very popular in France so you can find grapes banners flags. All to give colours to a Patriotic Party.

  • Italian

    Our Gorgeous Italian Decoration are made in France and all creation are made by Deco Party UK. Ideal Decorations for Pizza restaurants, Italian Restaurants, Pizzeria all occasions!

    Our original Italian Decorations are supplied as Bunting, Flags, Handwavers, Cocktail Picks, Cutouts, Hanging Swirls, Confetti, all Decorations to decorate rooms or the table.

  • Cuban

    Best Cuban Party Decorations :

    Find a great range of Cuban party supplies. Cuban Party Decoration give you banner, cutout, hanging decoration, flag bunting, Cuba bunting flags to get a beautiful exotic party decoration.

    Design with Cuban Cars of 50th, cocktail flags, cigars banner, bright colours to get a wonderful Cuban room decoration.

    For professionnal party decoration we have supplied Cuban party decoration in flame-resistant quality.

    Deco Party UK always give you party ideas with its creations.

  • Spanish

    Deco Party UK offers the best quality of Spanish Party Supplies, mainly Honeycomb red and Yellow balls, fans and bull garlands, special treated to be flameproofed, ideal for indoor decoration to Pubs, Restaurants, Hotels or at Home. Also for outdoor decorations and garden parties, our Spanish Party Decorations are combinated with Spain Plastic Flag Bunting, Spain Cocktail Sticks, Spanish Handwavers,  Flamenco banners and Corrida bunting flags. For table decoration Deco Party UK makes bull tissue paper confetti, flame retardant and Spanish flag circle confetti with thicker paper. We also make foil tassel with gold and red colours, flame resistant as well. So buy online by now!

  • Greek

    Greek Party Decoration

    We propose original decorating bunting with some photos of Acropolis, Santurini Village. We also supply plastic flag bunting in high quality for indoor and outdoor use and paper handwavers.

    Greece is in south of Europe and a very sunny country. A lot of colours give a specific and typical Greek athmosphere.

    For wholesale quantity or buying in bulk our original Greek items feel free to contact us for further information.

  • Medieval

    Medieval Party Supplies, Deco Party UK offers top quality medieval party decorations. Need any ideas ? buy online our crest cutouts, printed both sides, or our knight and castle paper flag bunting, flame retardant or our medieval paper banners at very low prices. New for outdoor use you can find our magic medieval bunting flags, red and yellow or blue and yellow can be hang for several weeks across the streets villages and towns.

  • Oktoberfest Party Decorations Supplies

    Buy online a great range of Oktoberfest Party Decorations with Deco Party UK. We offer original designs of the German Oktoberfest Party Supplies for an authentic event experience.

    Our Oktoberfest Themed Party Room Decorating are magic bunting, flame retardant for indoor use, hanging swirls flame resistant, Bavarian checkered blue and white banner, Oktoberfest confetti to sprinkle on the table, cocktail flag sticks, paper handwavers flags, honeycomb tissue paper white and blue garlands, balls and fans in different sizes, pennant bunting flags for outdoor use.

    Create your own beer garden with exclusive party decorations!


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Western Party Supplies

Enjoy our unique wild west party decorations. Very popular in the UK you will find our great cowboy bunting to get a wonderful decoration for cowboy theme party, also our Wanted cutout. Do you want other western decoration ideas? You can buy online our western hanging swirls, our Far West and Village western banners, our honeycomb western garlands all for a western theme decoration. Then you can add patriotic American bunting flags, American handwavers, American cocktail sticks and American flag confetti for table decoration.

Disco Party Ideas

Deco Party UK is the leader supplier of 70s party decorations and 80s theme decorations ideas. With its creations and original designs, Hotels, Pubs, Restaurants, Night Clubs and much more will be able to decorate with flame-retardant disco bunting, flame-resistant disco hanging swirls. We also supply items without any flameproof treatment at lower prices, so items for every occasions and every budget. Our disco home décor are disco ball bunting, rock n’ roll banners, vinyl hanging swirls and for disco table decoration you can see our disco ball confetti and vinyl confetti. To give a metallic effect you also can buy our foil tassels so an electric party!

Hawaiien Theme Decoration Ideas

Do you need tropical party decorations for your private party? We offer nice range of Hawaiien party supplies. Original fruits banner, Sea garland, Hawaii Isle bunting, Aloha Cutout, beach hanging swirl decorations, you can find different luau party decorations for a very low price.

Mexican Themed Party

Are you looking for fiesta party ideas? Deco Party UK offers original Mexican decorations with our own designs : Bunting with Mexican fiesta decorations, banners with cactus and Mexican desert, honeycomb green and white fans and balls and cactus hanging swirls. Ideal for Mexican restaurants as Tex-Mex, but also for any occasions. Of course we make and supply Mexican flag bunting, Mexican Handwavers, Mexican flag confetti and Mexican cocktail sticks.

Casino Party

Need any casino party ideas ? Find our Vegas Party Decorations for a great private party. Also for casino room decoration our bunting flags and metallic hanging swirls are flame-retardant. For table decoration you will appreciate our casino confetti.

Hollywood Theme Decoration Ideas

Give your finish touch with our themed Hollywood party supplies. Want to be a VIP while your party, our Hollywood party decorations will add a glamour touch while your event and any occasion. With our VIP bunting and VIP table confetti, movies banner, clap Cutout, stars hanging swirls and much more Hollywood party goods you will enjoy organizing parties and inviting guests.

Italian Themed Party

We propose gorgeous Italian decorations with great value and competitive prices. From our classic party decorations as Italian bunting flags, Italian handwavers, Italian cocktail sticks and Italian flag confetti, to our original creations as Colosseum bunting, Pisa Tower banner and Venice flagline, assorted with our cardboard Cutouts, we also supply honeycomb fans, honeycomb balls and honeycomb garlands special treated to be flameproofed with Italian flag colours ( green, white, red ). Ideal to decorate pizzeria, Italian restaurants, Pizza express and all European and Patriotic Italian party & events!

Union Jack Party Supplies

Look at our Patriotic decoration ideas for Union Jack party decorations, bleu red white colours. Our famous British flag themed decor are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. From paper honeycomb decorations as blue red white fans, balls and garlands, flame-resistant, or our Union Jack bunting flags, Union Jack hanging swirls, Union handwavers and British cocktail sticks, you can also decorate your table with our Union Jack flag confetti. Our British themed party are not only red and white crossed with blue background we also supply pennant banner with one triangle blue, one white and one red. We also can buy online our London themed party decoration as bunting and banners for a wonderful home décor.

Medieval Themed Party

Enjoy our original medieval party supplies. Deco Party UK offers two different shield Cutouts with yellow Lion and lily flower, one with red background second one with blue background. Our cheap medieval party decorations is also available with two medieval banners, 25x50cm, one with red background and second with blue background. Get your finish touch with our brave Knight Bunting flame-retardant paper, a wonderful party decoration.

Cuban Themed Party

Do you want top quality Cuban party decorations? We supply Cuban flag bunting, Cuban cocktail sticks, an original Cuba Cutout and some Cuban banners with famous and typical Cuban cars or rum cocktail and Cuban cigars you can see all over the country! Oriental Party Decorations For this famous party decoration, Deco Party UK offers some oriental bunting and banners and also some oriental Cutouts either to hang for any occasion, your garden party, oriental restaurants and much more!

Spanish Themed Party

Deco Party UK supply an important choice of Spanish party supplied, red and yellow honeycomb decorations as paper fans, paper balls and paper garland. We also produce Spanish bunting flags, Spanish hand-waving flags, Spanish cocktail picks, Spanish flag confetti and original garlands with famous bulls, Flamenco banner and foil tassel in red and gold.

Greek Themed Party

For Patriotic Greek party, buy online our Greek bunting flags, Greek Handwavers or other original creations of Deco Party UK with Acropolis banner or Santorini flagline.

French Themed Party Decorations

Buy online our French Patriotic decorations : blue white red colors, you can find French honeycomb paper balls, paper fans and paper garlands. Deco Party UK supply French bunting flags, French hand-waving flags, France cocktail sticks, French flag hanging swirls and French flag confetti for table decoration. France make very good wine so we propose you some grape bunting with either red grapes or white grapes.

German Themed Party Decorations

Enjoy our Oktoberfest bunting and our high quality honeycomb German decorations, paper garland, paper ball and paper fan. German flag colours are black, red and yellow. We also supply German bunting flags, German hand held flags, finally German cocktail sticks and German flag confetti for table decoration.

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Deco Party UK is a French party decoration manufacturer, if you would like to buy in bulk and you have been a wholesaler, reseller, retailer in the UK, feel free to contact us and we will offer you special prices.