Soccer World Cup 2018

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The bigger range of soccer room decorations in the UK. Soccer World Cup 2018 will be held in Russia from 14th June 2018 until 15th July 2018. Innovative designs specially created by our party studio, we propose a lot of different flag bunting, banners, cutouts, hanging swirl decorations, flaglines, hand-waving flags, confetti. Everything to make sure to a successful party decoration at home, at the restaurant, at school, in the office, in your shop. Our Party Decorations for World Cup Soccer are very papular and made in high quality in our factory in France.


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Soccer World Cup Party Decorations

Also called Football World Cup Party Decorations, Deco Party UK offers a great and magic choice of soccer world cup room decorating. Ideal for soccer fans, Pubs, Hotels and night clubs will also use those decorations for a wonderful atmosphere while hot matchs and games. 32 nations which participate to the most important world competition this year will be England ( St George ), France, Germany, Belgium, Croatia, Serbia, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Island, Poland, Switzerland, Russia, Sweden, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Australia, Iran, South Korea, Japan, Marocco, Nigeria, Senegal, Tunisia.

Soccer World Cup Bunting Flags

You can buy online at Deco Party UK plastic bunting flags with 32 Nations which participate to the football competition, 13m lengths, rectangular flags 20x30cm, suitable to be indoor or outdoor use. High quality plastic flags are sewn onto a solid white tape. We also supply themed soccer bunting in flame-retardant paper for indoor use ideal for Pubs, Night Clubs, Restaurants, Hotels and why not at home! Some designs are drawing and many others are printed with photos so very popular and original. Our unique designs will give colours, joy and soccer atmosphere! Some bunting are made with circle shape so a bunting with a soccer ball other one with football flags ball also called multinations flags. We also produce a banner with golden soccer ball, 4,50m lengths. For this length 8 flags are assemble on the flagline.

Soccer World Cup Hanging Swirls

So popular in the England, Our Pack of 6 hanging swirls decorations are very original. With a black and white soccer ball or multi nations soccer ball, those flame-resistant foil and paper decorations measure about 80cm long. Streamer is in foil material and circle 17cm is in flameproof paper material. Very nice vertical party decoration for every occasion. Great for fast food or grill restaurants.

Soccer World Cup Honeycomb

Buy online the best quality of honeycomb flame-retardant tissue paper decorations for football world cup. You can buy either honeycomb ball, honeycomb fans or honeycomb garland with countries colours or single colour. Balls and fans can be hang from the ceiling, garlands from the walls.

Soccer World Cup Confetti

Do you need any soccer world cup table decoration ideas? Find at Deco Party UK the most original table decorations, our circle confetti printed with Nations flags. Either mixed bags or one nation only, most popular countries are available as St George, Brazil, Argentina, France, Spain and much more! Diameter of our confetti is 25mm, 150 pieces are in each bags. Circle shape as soccer ball are round shape! Sprinkle those flag confetti on the table to get an unforgettable party with your guests !

Soccer World Cup Cutouts

Cheap football decorations, our cutouts are made for a unique party. Our soccer designs are great and our original football shirts ( jersey ) are perfect to hang from the ceiling or to stick to the wall and windows. Several teams are available, you can mix them to get a beautiful party decoration.

Soccer World Cup Coktail Picks

Try our cocktail flag sticks, the best quality in Europe. Each paper flags measure 3 x 5cm on a food wood stick 7,5cm long. Perfect item to jazz up your sandwiches, canapés, burgers, cakes and much more!

Soccer World Cup decoration kits

Deco Party UK created nations sets, with several items in a pack. Available for St George and French party decorations we also can created for other nations or with your own composition.


Deco Party UK, brand of Christian Fabrications, has been a French party decoration manufacturer since 1992. If you want to buy in bulk or large quantities our soccer world cup party decorations feel free to contact us. We can study special prices, we can make Items in your style, with your own enquiry and needs.