Gold and Silver Foil Tassel Garland (12 tassels) Wedding, home, Christmas party decoration

Flame-Resistant foil tassel garland 12 pompoms ( 6 gold and 6 silver). You can make a garland from 1,50m until 2,50m. We supply a white thread of 2,50m. Fringe length is about 30cm ( 12 Inch ). You can combine gold and silver at your convenience.

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Gold and Silver Foil Tassel Garland

  • Material : Flame-Retardant Foil PVC
  • Fringe Length : 30 cm ( 12" )
  • Fringe Wide : 5mm
  • 12 tassels ( 12 pompoms)
  • Colors : Silver and Gold
  • 1 white thread of 2,50m is supplied
  • Alternative Names : Gold and Silver Foil Tassel, Silver and Gold Tassel, Christmas Decoration Ideas, Silver and Gold Fringe Tassel Garland, Silver and Gold PomPom,
  • Hang these tassels like bunting or attached to a latex balloon to get a  sprinkle and metallic effect.
  • Tassel must be assembled by yourself, so hand made, so you can choose colours order. Instructions for assembly are pictured and supplied on package insert.
  • For wholesale quantity and buying in bulk, feel free to contact us.
  • Made in France