Oktoberfest Bavarian Checkered blue and white pennant bunting triangular flags 4.50m

Flame retardant Oktoberfest paper banner Bavarian Chequered Blue 8 triangular pennants 20x30cm 4.50m long printed both sides ideal for room decorating at home, in Pubs, Restaurants, Hotels and much more! Build your Beer garden with this wonderful bunting flags for Oktoberfest themed Party Decorations.

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Oktoberfest Bavarian Ckeckered Blue Bunting Flags

  • Material : Flame resistant paper
  • Triangles Size : 20x30cm
  • Lengths : 4.50 Meters Long
  • 8 Flags are sewn onto a solid white tape
  • Made in Europe, France
  • For wholesale enquiry or buying in bulk feel free to contact us.