Gold Butterflies hanging swirl decorations ( Pack of 6 ) wedding party supplies

Pack of 6 flame-resistant hanging swirl decoration gold butterfly 30inch/80cm height

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Gold Butterfly Hanging Swirl Decorations

  • Material : Flame-Retardant Foil PVC
  • Size : 80 cm Long
  • Color : Gold
  • Perfect for wedding room decorating, you can hang from the ceiling or branches of trees to get a metallic effect for the most beautiful day of your life!
  • Pack of 6 Swirls
  • Alternative Names : Golden Butterflies Hanging Swirl Decorations, Wedding Golden Decoration Ideas, Golden Wedding Decoration Idea
  • Combine with our Golden Hearts Hanging Swirls
  • For wholesale quantity or buying in bulk feel free to contact us for further information
  • Made in France