Red Heart garland 15ft/4,50m lengths flame resistant paper wedding and St Valentine’s Day decoration

heart flame-resistant paper red garland 15ft/4,50m. Size of heart is about 17cm diameter, our fire proof honeycomb tissue paper is top quality, colourfast, waterproof, a string is inside the banner to hang easilly from the ceiling or curtains. Give any colours to St Valentine's Day Party, your wedding  Mother's day celebration, you will appreciate the high finishing touch ideal for room decorating

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This Red Heart Honeycomb garland is made in High quality satin wrap, special treated to be flameproofed, ideal to be hung from the ceiling, mounted on the wall, all indoor room decorating.

This heart garland is popular for :

  • St Valentine's Day, 14th February each year,
  • Wedding
  • Mother's Day


You can decorate with your :

  • Shop,
  • Bakery,
  • Restaurant, 
  • Pub, 
  • Bar, 
  • Hairdressing.
  • Home Décor