Red Heart Paper Card Garland 5m 22 Hearts wedding, St Valentine’s Day party decoration

Red Heart Garland 5 Metres Length 22 Hearts 15x14cm

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Red Hearts Garland

  • Material : Paper Card
  • Length : 5 Metres ( 17 ft )
  • Shape : Heart
  • 22 Hearts are assemble on the garland
  • Can be hung from the wall
  • Alternative Names : St Valentine's Day Banner, Red Heart Banner, Red Heart Flagline, Red Heart Bunting, St Valentine'sa Day Decoration Ideas, St Valentine Room Decorating Ideas, Mother's Day Garland, Mother's Day Decoration Ideas, Mother's Day Banner, 
  • Combine with all our St Valentine's Day Decorations
  • To buy in bulk or wholesale quantity feel free to contact us for further information
  • Made in France